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About Us


We are specialized in Smart Control and Distributed System with innovative and well-integrated solution. Providing and leading the service for diversity fields of company in distributed architecture, industrial automation control, E-Commerce and Flow management.

Over 100+ Customers

Since 2009, we have served over 100+ customers and 20+ international brands over the worlds.


2009 - Prosperity Coin

The first gold & silver E-Commerce platform in TW and meet 4M annual revenue.

2010 - Capital Raising

Enroll as cooperation and 1M capital raising.

2011 - Distributed Solution

Focus on distributed architecture and high available cluster solution.

2013 - StarHub SBD

Develop the Automation system for StarHub telecom, and become the certificated partnership in TW.

2014 - Sofitel So

Apply ASCS smart room control solution for Sofitel So Luxury Hotel.

2016 - NewYork Branch

The US Branch is located in NY, USA, focus on the high speed computing in soft pattern.

2017 - Reseach Cooperation

Copperate with Reseach Center on Bio- and protien dynamics projects.

Software/Firmware Engineer
Smart / Automation Group

2 software and 2 firmware engineers are both profession in OS development and communication context swtich process.

Network Architect
HA Cluster Group

We have 2 network architects and 1 data scientist for analyze and system surveillance.

Web/Mobile Engineer
Web Service Group

Web service group has 2 web platform desingers for customize modern enterprise platform and In-house iOS App integration.